Airline catering
We serve different types of high-quality meals, depending on the flight-time, destination and class.
Our catering department mixes traditional European food with the more popular dishes from other countries.
Menus are adapted and updated every season. 
MDAC provides vegetarian meals and meets any other special dietary requirement upon request.
MDAC offers a large variety of menus and can create a personalized menu exactly fitting the image of the airline company and tailored to their needs; meeting their specific taste profile and cost objectives.

Dietary Meals

Diabetic meals 270 UAH

low-fat meals prepared without fried products, fructose or sugar 

Lactoprotein-free meals 298 UAH

prepared without milk, dairy products, yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice-cream, sherbet, etc. 

Low-fat/low-cholesterol meals 278 UAH

prepared without fried products, egg yolk, giblets, shrimps, crabmeat, lobsters or caviar

prepared with lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, vegetable oil, low-fat milk products 

Gluten-free meals 320 UAH

prepared without food products made with wheat, rye, barley or oats, dairy products, vegetable albumen 


Low-calorie meals 303 UAH

meals containing approximately 1,200 calories, prepared with lean meat, low-fat dairy products, fruit and vegetables and without fried products 

Salt-free meals 306 UAH

prepared without salt or salted products 

Religious Dietary Meals

Lenten meals 580 UAH

prepared with vegetables, fruit, nuts, cooked cereals (porridge) and mushrooms and without meat, fish or dairy products 


Moslem meals 470 UAH

prepared without pork, gelatin, alcohol 

Halal meals 470 UAH

the food is prepared in compliance with the laws and requirements of Halal, confirmed by a special stampl 


Hindu non-vegetarian meals 500 UAH

prepared without beef, veal or pork; may be prepared with lamb, poultry or milk. Dishes are hot and spicy. 


Kosher meals 460 UAH

prepared according to Jewish kosher rules 

Vegetarian Meals

Strict vegetarian meals 670 UAH

prepared without poultry, milk or eggs 

Hindu/Asian vegetarian meals 620 UAH

prepared without meat or fish, with limited use of dairy products 

Fruit meals 580 UAH

prepared with fresh fruit (food allowance depends on flight duration) 

Children's Meals

Children’s meals 270 UAH

prepared for children over two years of age, light and easy-to-chew, served with milk, fruit, crackers, cheese and juice 


Baby food meals 265 UAH

A baby meal includes  a portion milk pack and an assortment of baby food 

prepared for infants under two years of age

Attention! All prices are in Ukrainian hryvnias at the commercial exchange rate of your bank.

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