Egyptian Immigration Requirements


What you need to come to Egypt.

Whether you are coming to Egypt for work, tourism or studies, you will need a visa. If you want to work in Egypt, you will need a work permit.

A visa is a document from a country certifying that you have permission to enter and remain there for a given lengthof time. Your visa may permit or exclude certain activities (e.g. work). No matter where you are from, you will needa valid passport and a visa of some kind to enter Egypt.

If you are coming to Egypt as a tourist, you will be able to purchase a visa upon your arrival at the airport (or any other major port of entry).

If you are coming to Egypt to work or study, the process may be significantly more complicated. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides updated information regarding visas and permits on its web portal. Note that the Ministry often uses “tourist visa” and “entry visa” interchangeably. In practical terms, they are the same thing.While most foreign nationals may purchase an entry/tourist visa upon arrival, visitors from some countries must obtain a visa from the Egyptian consulate in their country of origin before they arrive in Egypt. Check with the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country whether you need to apply for a visa before entering Egypt.



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